My second EP From N.Y. was released on February 23rd and is available on iTunes and Amazon now!

Here is what some music industry people are saying about my first EP To L.A.

Music Industry News Network said:
Los Angeles, CA - Singer/songwriter Ben Mauro just released his debut EP TO LA, which showcases his eclectic palette and refined musicianship. To LA EP has rich sonic textures and cinematic undertones that set the tone to Mauro’s unparalleled musicianship and is now available on iTunes and Spotify.
While Mauro has clearly confirmed a presence as skilled guitarist playing as a permanent member in Lionel Richie’s band, he has proved to be a brilliant songwriter, drawing from various influences and styles in his latest work. The Americana-inspired love song, “Eleanore,” is packed with expertly executed blues shredding and the Spanish guitar-lead tale of revenge in “Burn It To The Ground” both reveal Mauro’s cinematic inclinations. The closing track, “Happily Ever” wraps up the collection perfectly with an acoustic track full of love, positivity and chipper whistling. The To LA EP proves that this musician is full of surprises, stories and most importantly unparalleled musicianship.

Daniel Spears, Vice President of Industry Relations at BMI said:
"Love this song...It's got a great vibe to it with a lot of diversity...poppy, bluesy and country...Solid songwriting and some pretty nifty guitar work too! "Take Your Time" is a very catchy tune that I know will be in my head when I wake up tomorrow morning. 

Sven Kilthau-Lander, Senior Director Promotion, Publicity & PR Universal Music Group Berlin, Germany said:
"Especially on a rainy day or in a bad mood, this song brings light into your heart and blows away the rainclouds!  Listening to Ben Mauro's new single gives me a kind of Southern California Feeling, that makes me feel the sun on my skin and lets me forget my sorrows!"


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