You can purchase my debut CD now at iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby!  I am so proud of the way it came out.  Three years of work has gone into the recording of these songs and it has been an amazing journey.  Physical CD's are also available now in my Store.  I was able to work with some amazing musicians, producers and engineers on this record, and I want to thank everyone who was involved.  I can't wait to hear what YOU think about the music!  Thank you!  

Daniel Spears, Vice President of Industry Relations at BMI said:
"Love this album...It's got a great vibe to it with a lot of diversity...poppy, bluesy and country...Solid songwriting and some pretty nifty guitar work too!  I particularly like "Take Your Time."  It's a very catchy tune that I know will be in my head when I wake up tomorrow morning.

Sven Kilthau-Lander, Senior Director Promotion, Publicity & PR Universal Music Group Berlin, Germany said:
"Especially on a rainy day or in a bad mood, this album brings light into your heart and blows away the rainclouds!  Listening to Ben Mauro and his album gives me a kind of southern California feeling, that makes me feel the sun on my skin and let's me forget my sorrows!'



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