Singer, guitarist and songwriter Ben Mauro grew up in Syracuse, New York. He first began playing guitar by blasting Led Zeppelin songs in his parents’ basement and soon he was totally obsessed with making music. After high school, Ben studied classical guitar at Onondaga Community College, then moved to New York City where he says his street musical education began.

Shortly after his arrival, he got hired as a singer and guitarist in the house band at Greenwich Village’s legendary Cafe Wha?, which is the club where Jimi Hendrix was discovered. At Cafe Wha?, Ben would perfect his playing chops by performing multiple styles of music until 4am, five nights a week. He eventually moved on and began playing in various groups--performing anywhere from the rock clubs of New Jersey to the R&B clubs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Word spread quickly and Ben got an offer to join funk and pop icon Lionel Richie's band, which brought him to Los Angeles. Ben then began playing concerts with Lionel all over the world to thousands of screaming fans. In between Lionel gigs, Ben also played on the first American Idol tour featuring Kelly Clarkson, as well as many of her television debut shows. He then went on to play guitar for Britney Spears during the Black Onyx Tour and appeared in multiple television performances with Britney.

Ben has worked with numerous other artists, including Christina Aquilera, Prince, Peter Frampton and more. In 2012 Ben toured Japan with Don Felder from the Eagles, Australia with John Fogerty from Creedence Clearwater Revival and Europe with Lionel Richie.